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If you are looking for a reliable, safe and comfortable transportation service provider in Georgia, then JR Taxi Services is the name you can rely on! Since our inception in 2012, we have catered to the needs of hundreds of clients in Georgia with a premium quality transportation service.

The rejuvenating traveling experience, as one move along the city road in a comfortable sedan on SUV taxi, is impressive. Everyone wants to travel with comfort. It can be a rush hour ride to the airport or a night out in a taxicab, and you deserve the best of service. We believe in your happiness, and we work for it! JR Taxi Services provides with the most needed comfort and revival in Georgia. We are known for the majestic drives; coupled with the safe and prompt service. We offer a wide variety of transportation services in Georgia, which can be availed for, airport transportation service, taxicab service, SUV taxi service, sightseeing tours, pick up and drop service, corporate transportation, delivery services, Bus Services and much more.Customers are a top priority at JR Taxi Services. For that reason, clients should expect to receive low rates, low wait times and fast transportation service. Anyone can transport people from one place to another, but it is that extra special personal touch and attention to detail that separates.

JR Taxi Services from the rest of the competition. Our employees truly care about providing best quality service as we strive to be the very best taxi service in Georgia.

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